Join Us

Feel like coming along and having a blast with us?

We do have a couple of rules. They are simple.

  1. We are here to have fun. If what we are doing is not fun, say so, we can do other things.
  2. We Help each other. Need to unlock an Engineer?, Make some cash? We will help.
  3. Don’t spoil another players game. Sure we shoot each other, but we aren’t going to cost you a rebuy of your ship. That’s just wrong.
  4. Don’t be easily Offended. We are equal opportunity offenders and have been know to say unpopular, politically incorrect things. Yes we may even call you an Ass at times. We ARE the Asshat Team, right?


Still want to join us? Well there are a number of ways to contact us.

Email: AssHatTeam @ Gmail or on our Discord Server.

In Game Send a message to one of us:

Cmdr. Loriath, Cmdr. Kharma, Cmdr. Dudley_Dawg, Cmdr. TorTorden

Or post in our thread on the Mobius PVE forums.

You can also check out our Twitch Channel or one of our Youtube channels here (Loriath), here (Kharma) or here (Tor). 

There is also our Discord Server. MATURE ONLY