Favourite Tools

(Image via Wikimedia Commons)

There are a LOT of tools out there to help players. Here is a list of ones we use over and over.

Voice Attack – We fly in the Future in space ships. Those ships should do our bidding and we should be able to talk to them and have them respond back. Voice Attack gives us the Future Now!

HCS Voicepacks – Want your ship to have personality? Maybe Spock’s voice or Captain Kirk? Or do you want something more Robotic or a little Mischievous? They have you covered. Voice packs voice from professionals like Tom Baker, William Shatner, Brian Blessed and more.

EDDB.IO – Need to find a station that has what you need? Or maybe you are looking for some elusive Unabtanium, EDDB has you covered. You can search stations, systems, bodies, commodities, and more. You can also plan trade runs based on where you are.

ED Market Connector – If you are using EDDB, you need to use EDMC. It updates the community sites with Market Information when you land at a station. It also can track your ships, your credits and where you have been with its link to EDSM. It uses the Frontier API, but you can use it without, but it does limit it quite a bit.

Screen Shot Changer – Lovely pics in game are in BMP format and to really make use of it, they need to be changed to JPG or PNG. SSC can do that, as well as moving them, renaming them based on Date (real or Game Date) and location. It can also do that for Videos if you record a lot.

EDTracker /Pro – Put a little box on your head (or your headset, or maybe a cute florescent pink hairband) and then look around the cockpit like a real pilot with this awesome add on. Works in other games as well. Next to a Joystick, this is the biggest Immersion help next to VR and a hell of a lot cheaper than TrackIR.

Coriolis Shipyard – Trying to figure out your next build, then Coriolis can help. It has all the ships, all the internals and weapons. It also can track Engineer Mods.

ED Engineer – Keeping a list of what you need for an engineered whatchamacallit is so much easier with EDEngineer. It reads the journals to tell what you have in Data and Materials and you can select the mods you want to make. It will tell you when can make them, how many or what you are lacking.

That’s it for now, But I will add more to this as we find other tools that we use.