Oh, Hi…

We are the A-Team.

We travel the Galaxy (Not really, I think we have been to 3 systems so far) in search of Adventure (mostly drinks, preferably free drinks) helping those less fortunate (and by less fortunate, we mean willing to buy us drinks and pay our repair bills; actually pay both and we are good) in our never ending goal of showing others how being in the presence of daft inept arses can be fun and profitable (well maybe not profitable, but at least fun).

If you want to join us, you need to know the secret handshake (Shake our hands and pass us enough credits to buy a round) and be willing to allow your inner “12 year olds with Dirtbikes” mentality (Thanks for that apt explanation Tor!) to shine.

We are always online (not always, but if you see us and want to join up, just message us) and we are always available (at least when Kharma is sober enough to find the power button on his PC, Dawg is awake enough after stuffing himself with Curry, and Loriath has managed to feed the dogs, let out the cat, and gotten permission from his wife to “play with those idiots in that game”) to provide the Mobius group with free entertainment (its not free, you have to buy at least the first round, preferably 2 rounds).

Cmdr. “Never met a free drink I didn’t like” Kharma
Cmdr.r “I can’t get out of my Turret and the Curry is starting to kick in. HALP!” Dudley_Dawg
Cmdr. “Hold my Beer, this is gonna hurt. Again.” Loriath.
Cmdr. “Why did my wheel fall off?, I was only doing 40 down that hill” TorTorden

If you want to know more about what we do, you can read our posts here and see that life in the Elite Dangerous Galaxy isn’t all about credits, exploration and Pew Pew.